Visa appplication          

If for whatever reason you have been to the United States on a visa before and you overstayed
your time (while studing, working, holiday or other reason) you will not be able to apply for a visa
again. (pls. check with the consulate if there is any record of you).

Once hired for a position onboard a cruiseline, every crew member will need to apply
for a C1/D Seamans visa from there local U.S. Consulate.
When hired the cruiseline will send you the papers that are necassary to apply for a U.S. C1/D visa

The first step is to fill in the DS-160 form online, click below to open a new browser:

(This can only be done with Internet Explorer )
Next step is to upload a passport size picture and fill in the DS 160 form.
The letter from the cruiseline has some details that you need while filing in the application.

When all done you will recieve a confirmation from the US consulate.

Next stepp is to make the apppointment for the interview with the consulate and to pay the fee
for the visa, when you call them they will explain how and where you can pay(it is different in
every country).

Normally they will send you the passport with visa to your home address within a couple off days.

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